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[DIR] ADLjack - FM synthesizer for Yamaha OPL3 and OPN2 emulations
[DIR] ADLplug - FM synthesizer for Yamaha OPL3 as instrument plugin (VSTi, LV2)
[DIR] JPC Ensemble Chorus - Digital model of electronic string ensemble chorus
[DIR] FreeMajor - Editor for the TC Electronic G-Major guitar effect module
[DIR] fmidi - MIDI file reader, sequencer, and player
[DIR] jpcvisu - Oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer
[DIR] jpcex - Miscellaneous classes for Pure Data
[DIR] HybridReverb2 - Maintenance of reverb plugin with hybrid impulse convolver
[DIR] sbcl-image-builder - Common Lisp image builder for SBCL
[DIR] bdf2bmp - Adaptation of bdf2bmp software to output bitmap fonts for PDCurses


[DIR] software/ - free software I create (builds)
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